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Communication connector Classification and Application

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1. The multi-wire cable connector

Multi-wire cable connector includes a connector and a DB DIX connector and DIN connectors.

(1) DB-type connectors include DB-9, DB-15, DB-25 connector, which is used to connect serial devices and parallel cable into the positive side and negative side, DB25 DB represented in the D-type connector , the number of digital 25 representatives of the connector pins. DB25 connector is commonly used PC and line interface devices.

(2) DIX connector: it looks like a DB-15 connector. It is used when connecting the slider to achieve, while DB15 connector is fixed by screws, often used to connect Thick Ethernet.

(3) DIN connector: There are different arrangements in the form of needle and pin DIN connector, which is generally used in connection Macintosh and AppleTalk networks.

2. Twisted Pair Connectors

Twisted-pair connections includes two connectors: RJ45 and RJ11.RJ public telecommunication network interfaces are described in the previous four categories, Category 5, Cat 5e, category 6 and even the introduction of the near wiring, are used in RJ type interface.

(1) RJ11 connector: a telephone line class with support for 2-wire and 4-wire, generally used for the user's telephone line access.

(2) RJ45 connectors: one of the same type of connector, socket type, larger than the RJ11 connector, and supports 8 line, is known as the standard 8 modular interface, multi-network connection for Twisted Pair . Because it uses the circuit are balanced transmitter and receiver, and therefore have a high common mode rejection.

3. The coaxial cable connector

The coaxial cable connector includes a T connector and a BNC connector and terminating resistor.

(1) T connector: for connecting a coaxial cable and BNC connector.

(2) BNC connectors: BayoNette Bayonet barrel connector for network connection to the BNC connector. Combined with rapid growth in communications and computer markets and communications technology and computer technology has become a major factor in stimulating growth in demand coaxial connector. Since the coaxial cable and T-connector BNC connectors are connected rely so BNC connector market for the industry are optimistic.

(3) termination: cable requires a terminal, a terminal is a special connector, matching the characteristics of resistance network cable inside it has a carefully chosen, wherein each terminal device must be grounded.

(4) Multi-use in Thick Ethernet N-type connector, the workstation does not directly access an Ethernet network, but with a transceiver, AUI connector via a (DIX connector) is connected to the transceiver.

RF coaxial connector from the connection type to points, mainly in the following three ways:

(1) Screw connection type: such as: APC-7, N, TNC, SMA, SMC, L27, L16, L12, L8, L6 and other RF coaxial connectors. This connection type connector with high reliability, good shielding effect and other characteristics, so applications are most widely used.

(2) bayonet connection type: such as BNC, C, Q9, Q6 and other RF coaxial connectors. This connector has a connection convenient, fast and so is the application of the earliest forms of RF connectors internationally.

(3) Push-line connection type: such as SMB, SSMB, MCX, etc., this form of connection of the connector has a simple and compact structure, small size, easy miniaturization and so on.

Serial communication is a widely used means of communication. When serial communication, requires communication both using a standard interface. ISDN basic interface connectors are used ISO8877 standards. The standard specifies the S interface standard connector for the RJ-45 (8-pin), intermediate 4-pin for the effective core; U interface connector no standard, some manufacturers use RJ-11, some use the RJ-45, are in the middle two cores active. Digital transmission network connector G.703 interfaces typically BNC (75Ω) or RJ-45 (120Ω), sometimes also use a 9-pin interface. USB specification (Universal Serial Bus) is a connection standard that all USB peripherals to connect your PC to provide a common connector (A and B). These connectors will replace the traditional variety of external ports, such as serial, game port, parallel and so on.

In the integrated wiring, the previous four, five, over five, including the newly released six cabling, and are used in RJ-type connector. Seven types of standards from the beginning, divided RJ and non-RJ-type interface appears on the wiring and history. Cat7 connector combination (GG45-GP45) standard has been in the March 22, 2002 was adopted unanimously (IEC60603-7-7), the 7th class standard connectors, and fully compatible with existing RJ-45.

Electrical connector includes a choice selection of environmental conditions, electrical parameters, mechanical parameters, the termination mode. Specific requirements include electrical parameters, rated voltage, rated current, contact resistance, shielding, security parameters, mechanical parameters, mechanical life, connection, installation and appearance, environmental parameters, termination methods and so on.

The electrical connector of development has the following characteristics:

1, in the direction of small, high-density, high-speed transmission of development;

2, toward the high-performance, high-frequency technology direction;

3, high-voltage, high-current connector is also a great market demand;

4. The connector further towards anti-jamming technology, modular technology and lead-free technology direction.

In the case of traditional parallel synchronous digital signal rate will reach the limits of high-speed serial mode is a good solution ideas. This makes the low-voltage differential signal (LVDS) to become the next major level of standard high-speed signals. The choice of high-speed connectors has become the main problem the high rate signal interconnection to be solved.

Several key technology in the development of high-speed connectors used include: 1, in order to reduce the differential signal crosstalk adopted, no noise signal and ground layer technology; 2, in order to adjust the connector lead can be changed due to the input connector and 3, in order to obtain the maximum transmission efficiency, the value of the characteristic impedance of the connector should match the characteristic impedance of the transmission circuit; output delay differences caused by varying the physical distance.

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